Trump is Furious About the Brilliant New Book Hillary Wrote


Published Friday, November 16, 2018

In a small community church, just blocks from the world famous Cognitive Research Laboratory at the University of California, San Diego, a caring and determined mother discovered a breakthrough method for teaching children how to read and write that could, simply put, change the way we educate our kids forever.

While this obscure method may not seem remarkable to those of us who attended school decades ago, this now obvious approach she uncovered was able to end her young daughter’s struggle with reading, writing and even math.

The result lead to the development of a “phonics based” derivative, a learning program that has now been used by over 172,000 caring parents and teachers to help children 2-8 learn how to read and write.

Hear her amazing story in this short video below, and how it changed the lives (and classrooms) for thousands of children and teachers like me. I am sure you will experience the same miraculous results as I did in my classroom.  God bless!

Still can't believe "The Donald" is our President?  Well, you are not alone...

In my search for the Best Holiday Gifts of 2018, I encountered what could be considered the "Tickle Me Elmo" for people who don't think he's fit to serve as the leader of the United States.

A publisher friend of mine sent me a copy of Tantrum: A Child in the White House, and I just about died laughing.  

This book contains some of Trump's "Most Epic Tweets", which some might call moronic, paired with hand-illustrated images that would even get a chuckle from conservatives and a DEEP belly-laugh for hard Liberals.

The book isn't political in nature at all. Think of as a short graphic novel covering much of Trump's stupidity since arriving in Washington DC.

Hillary pokes fun at everything from dumb tweets about North Korea, shameful statements related to global warming, and even this massive wall that "supposedly" Mexico is going to pay for.  Good luck with that!

I suggest you take just a couple minutes to check out a couple of images from the book... it will definitely be worth your time!

Now you should note, this book isn't available at any of the Big Box retailers like Target, CostCo or Walmart because according to their representatives, they are staying away from anything that puts Trump in a negative light.

You know what I say?  Give us more light, ha!  

So I've also setup a deal with the publisher for you, my readers.  If you buy direct from the publisher, they will cut you a Massive Deal when you use the link below and buy from them direct.

So click the link below and take a look... You won't be disappointed!

**Note, if you buy more than one book, your discount keeps going up and up!  I bought 10 for family, friends, and the office gift exchange.  Stay tuned for my next post when I let you know how the "Gift Exchange" goes, but I'm sure everyone will want two copies!

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